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Class 3 Media All State Football team

Pretty disappointed with this list. Not many "media" people from this part of Missouri on the panel that selected these teams obviously. Congratulations to Caleb Bischoff, but don't understand the fascination with School of the Osage players. Blair Oaks beat them by 50...and held their offense to under 10...that's TEN... yards passing. Falcons had the misfortune of playing in a district with they didn't go as far as S.O.O., but I think there were at least three or four deserving players from Blair Oaks left off this list.

Class 3

First Team


AP: Jaden Barr, California, Sr., 6-0, 180

QB: Tre Moore, John Burroughs, Sr., 6-2, 185

RB: Brody McMahon, Maryville, Sr., 5-11, 200

RB: John Moten, John Burroughs, Sr., 6-2, 190

RB: Aaron Graham, Oak Grove, Sr., 6-1, 195

R/E: Collin Samuelson, School of the Osage, Jr., 6-4, 185

R/E: Chris Bookeer, John Burroughs, Sr., 6-1, 165

R/E: Zach Drake, O'Hara, Sr., 6-2, 175

OL: Jacob Cacek, Maryville, Jr., 6-3, 270

OL: Brennon Kellogg, Oak Grove, Jr., 6-2, 237

OL: Graham Cummings, John Burroughs, Sr., 6-3, 260

OL: Tristan Haltom, Ava, Sr., 6-4, 290

OL: Michael Childress, Monett, Jr., 6-1, 240

K: Scott Jones, Oak Grove, 5-11, 160


DL: Colin Bess, Park Hills Central, Sr., 6-6, 235

DL: Dalton Brinegar, Oak Grove, Sr., 5-9, 195

DL: Skyler Thomas, Macon, Sr., 6-3 198

DL: Brad Russell, School of the Osage, Sr., 5-7, 180

LB: Bud Hilburn, Kennett, Sr., 6-2, 225

LB: Michail Winstead, Oak Grove, Sr., 5-11, 191

LB: Thomas Bolstadt, John Burroughs, Jr., 6-1, 190

LB: Wesley Abramovitz, Monett, Sr., 5-11, 180

LB: Allen Burger, California, Sr., 5-10, 165

DB: Cameron Witt, Monett, Jr., 5-10, 175

DB: DaWaun Johnson, Oak Grove, Sr., 5-9, 190

DB: Landon Mouse, California, Jr., 6-1, 170

DB: Calieb Bennett, Odessa, Sr., 6-2, 190

P: Andrew Whitaker, MMA, Soph., 5-11, 165

Coach of the year: Pat Richard, Oak Grove

Second Team


QB: Michael Briggs, O'Hara, Sr., 6-1, 205

AP: Jake Bridges, Park Hills Central Jr., 5-10, 162

RB: Blaine Riddle, Potosi, Sr., 5-10, 185

RB: Armand Keely, Orchard Farm, Sr., 5-11, 205

RB: Landon Cairer, Oak Grove, Jr., 6-0, 181

R/E: Nathan Van Slyke, John Burroughs, Sr., 6-5, 225

R/E: Zach Hipsher, Oak Grove, Sr., 6-5, 192

R/E: Tommy Geisinger, St. Pius X, Sr., 6-3, 195

OL: Brendan Weybrew, Maryville, Sr., 6-4, 295

OL: Dakota Pope, Park Hills Central, Sr., 6-1, 220

OL: Jacob Lewis, Centralia, Sr., 6-1 300

OL: Michael Peters, John Burroughs, Sr., 6-5, 230

OL: Tristan Beyer, Reeds Spring, Sr., 6-2, 260

K: Brendan Withrow, St. Pius X, Sr., 6-1, 205


DL: Dustin Piper, Maryville, Jr., 6-2, 225

DL: Brandon Maberry, Park Hills Central, Sr., 6-2, 191

DL: Josh Klipper, Oak Grove, Jr., 5-10, 224

DL: Nathan Squires, California, Sr., 6-2, 265

LB: Tyler Westerfield, Orchard Farm, Sr., 6-1, 210

LB: William Bradley-King, Hogan Prep Academy, Jr., 6-2, 185

LB: Drew Harlow, Park Hills Central, Jr., 6-2, 210

LB: Caleb Bischoff, Blair Oaks, Sr., 5-9, 185

DB: Ronald Smith, John Burroughs, Jr., 6-3, 190

DB: Brayden Manion, Park Hills Central, Sr., 6-1, 166

DB: Russell Williams, School of the Osage, Jr., 5-11, 165

DB: Josh Kent, Reeds Spring, Sr., 6-4, 185

P: Andrew Carr, Cameron, Sr.,

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