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Friday August 15...first webcast of the football season

Hard to believe...but football season is all but here. Friday night, August 15th at 5:45 we will bring you exclusive play-by-play and commentary from the Blair Oaks pre-season jamboree. And what a night it will be. For the first time in the history of the jamboree in Wardsville, Helias will be part of the controlled scrimmages. At 6 pm...Blair Oaks and Centralia will run their about 6:30, Helias will take the field against Centralia...and the final scrimmage of the night will feature Helias and Blair Oaks. That's right, the two dominant forces in mid Missouri football over the last ten years...will go head to head at full speed at least for about two dozen plays.

Ed and Dick have the play-by-play from the Falcon Athletic Complex...if you can't be there...listen in by following the link tot he webcast on the front page of this website...or on Facebook...or at And if you want to listen back to the play-by-play later...just follow the same links any time!

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