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Big wins and BIG wins

There are big wins...and there are BIG wins. Some wins are by a lot of points, and some wins are by a razors edge, but they're still BIG. Some of both last night in mid Missouri

Blair Oaks 48 Oak Grove 0

This would qualify as a big win. The Falcons took care of business against a team that was simply out-manned. Oak Grove has exactly one senior lineman. There were sophomores and freshmen all over the field. Oak Grove has a chance to be good in a couple of years, but they will have trouble this season with a muderous schedule. Next week is state powerhouse K.C. Center...Odessa in week 5 and so on. The Falcons took a little while to warm up...but once they did, this was no contest. The Falcons were al ittle sloppy with at least three lineman downfield penalties calling back big plays. But in the end...Nolan Hair threw for five touchdowns, a lot of kids got to play...and the Falcons are two and oh. Next up...the home opener against Boonville.

Jefferson City 30 Hannibal 27

Now this is a BIG win...because the Jays took what could have been a big loss and turned in it around. In case you haven't figured out, Devin Roberson is a very special athlete. He put the Jays on his shoulders last night and willed them to a win. Again...this is going to be a process, but as Terry Walker said, any win feels good, and the Jays will br feeling good heading into next week's game against the Kewps.

Helias 34 Hickman 14

The Crusaders have some very special athletes...including sophomore quarterback Jacob Weaver. This team looks to be very scarey and this would qualify as both a big win and a BIG win. And now the schedule ramps up with Vianney next, then Ritter and St. Francis Borgia. We'll know a lot more about the Crusaders after that stretch.

Southern Boone 54 Fulton 7

Sam Stichnote...he slices, he dices, he makes hundreds and hundreds of julienne fries. Talk about a kid that can put an entire team on his shoulders. But it looks like the Eagles also ahve a nice compliment of running backs to go with the talented senior quarterback/defensive back/kick returner/punt returner/punter/hot dog seller...

Eldon 34 Owensville 6

After 72-69 last year...this was a defensive struggle. Eldon's good again this year...Owensville isn't.

Moberly 34 Osage 0

Moberly is a very good team. Was a little surprised at the final margin and the shutout though.

Boonville 49 Holden 14

Nice first win for the new Pirate coach. Things won't be as easy Friday night in Wardsville.

Mexico 22 California 15

Coaches will tell you there's no such thing as a moral victory, but this has to come cloxe to the Pintos who are in the second year of a total rebuild.

South Callaway 21 Hermann 6

The Bulldogs probably won't put up points by the bunches again this year, but holding Hermann to six points shows that they have the defense to win lots of games this season.

Versailles 35 Buffalo 21

Any win is a good win for the Tigers...a team that generally starts well...then is decimated by injuries.

Ava 31 Hallsville 0

Ava is a small school power. Indians trying to step up early season schedule.

Camdenton 44 Parkview 6

The Lakers take care of business against one of the Springfield schools.

Centralia 19 Clark County 8

A little bit of an upset here. Centralia comes back from big loss on opening night to beat a traditionally very good Indian team.

DeSmet 35 Rock Bridge 17

There had been some rumblings about a building powerhouse in the St. Louis catholic conference...and it was n display last night. Be warned...DeSmet is the real deal this year.

Battle 39 Sedalia Smith Cotton 22

Good wiin for Battle against a very good bunch from Sedalia.

St. Charles Lutheran 40 Father Tolton 14

Trailblazers first game in the AAA doesn't go so well...but noway to take a step up without getting knocked back down a few times.

North Callaway 35 Tipton 12

Tony Braby's Cardinals show a little bit of fight against a still very good Thunderbird squad.

Winfield 57 Montgomery County 26

Winfield getting votes in the state poll.

West Plains 49 Rolla 0

Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz right by the Bulldogs.

See ya next week.

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