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A Storm Breaks

I understand last week I made some folks mad because I said that Father Tolton was a good team that would probably give the Blair Oaks Falcons a good game. You've got to know, folks, I specialize at being wrong. You also have to know to never take anything seriously what you read here. If you want insightful analysis coming from a football expert, you'll have to go eslewhere. This blog is for entertainment purposes only. But if it takes me being wrong like that to see the kind of performance we saw out of the Falcons Friday night, I'll gladly be wrong every week. Now on to the scores.

Blair Oaks 70, Tolton 6

Last week in this space, I said a storm was coming, and it arrived just as I predicted. The storm reached the Falcon Athletic Center right at 7 oh clock Friday night...and it blew Father Tolton away. The Falcons attacked this game like a category 5 hurricane making landfall in the Carolinas. Coach LePage said the Falcons took their game to another level the previous Friday night against California. This was another level yet again. This was passion, this was precision, this was fury. Shoulders were lowered, helmets were buried and opponents were blasted. And at the end of the first half, Father Tolton wobbled away bent and broken...what had to be a Falcon first half record of 70 points on the scoreboard. Believe me folks, this team belongs up there with the best we've ever seen in nearly 20 years of covering Blair Oaks football. But there's a lot more football to be played and miles to go before we sleep.

South Callaway 14, North Callaway 6

And the march continues with South Callaway. This was another hard fought Battle for the Callaway Cup...with South winning for the second time this season. It will be interesting to see the Bulldogs Flexbone offense, but if there's any coaching staff that can coach against the's LePage and can say they're very familiar with it.

Southern Boone 30, Winfield 6

No surprise here. Sam Stichnote and the boys roll a team from the EMO. Grinding through the Tri-County conference has served this team well. And I wouldn't be sruprised if the Eagles flew all the way to a district championship.

Moberly 47, Mexico 0

Moberly has had a great season and will host Southern Boone Friday night. We'll see if they have the athletes to stick with SoBoCo.

Camdenton 57, Helias 35

Helias scored more on Camdenton than anyone else has this season. The Crusdaers will lose I think 23 seniors from this class, but I think the talent is still to come that wil allow coach Hentges and the Crusaders to get back on the front foot sooner rather than later.

Borgia 52, Rolla 14

Borgia and Camdenton for the district championship here. It's going to be a doozy at the Lake Friday night.

Timberland 30, Smith-Cotton 9

Springfield Catholic 40, Eldon 14

A game effort by our Tri-County rivals...all in all...Eldon put togther a pretty good season.

Buffalo 50, St. James 36

Versailles 48, El Dorado Springs 36

Wow...go Tigers, go! Versailles rolling up big numbers in the playoffs. The season will likely end for them Friday night, but it's great to see the Tigers competitive again.

Lamar 36 Sarcoxie 6

Versailles season will end because Lamar is next up. Kinda surprised Lamar was "held" to 36 in this one.

Rock Bridge 35, Francis Howell 10

Battle 48, Holt 44

Fayette 60, Slater 6

Sweet Springs 12, Tipton 0

Westran 39, Mark Twain 7

And get well soon to our buddy Rod Smith. Rod got on the wrong end of a collision near the sidelines in last Friday night's game at Blair Oaks...and wound up with a broken leg. Having done some sideline shooting over the years, I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often. Hard to see it happen to a good friend. Godspeed Rod.

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