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Thoughts on Jamboree

Our first look at Blair Oaks was about what we expected. The first string moved the ball straight down the field at a fast pace with the first string against both helias and Centralia. Indeed on the first drive against helias, it appeared the Falcons offense went a little too fast for Helias as the Crusaders appeared to be adjusting their defense as the Falcons were snapping the ball. That will happen a lot this year.

I like the "new" formation that puts Dominic Jamerson out on the wing. Anything that gets his 4.4 speed to the outside faster is going to be a plus. The O-line looked fine...but I thought got a little overwhelmed by Helias later in the "1's" scrimmage...and then when the "2's" were on the field. Jordan Hair took some shots late against Helias. Old "Magnet Head" Bischoff ran hard...and got a couple of close range touchdowns.

Defense also looked good except when Helias was able to connect with one of its huge wide receivers. The Falcons aren't going to be facing many 6'3" 220 pound receivers this year...I hope.

Overall...I really like the mix of Seniors and Juniors in this group and look forward to seeing what they can do when the lights come on for real against Moberly. We know they're going to be tough...but I saw Owensville score a couple of touchdowns early in their scrimmage against Moberly. P.S...let's not kick the ball to Greg Bain this year...OK? OK.

A team that did look tough on defense was California. They were flying to the ball and arriving with an attitude. Anybody thinking the Pintos might be a little down from the last coupld of years better think again.

More thoughts later...and a look at Moberly as the week rolls along. Keep it tuned here!

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