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Thoughts on week 1...a look ahead to week 2 and this and that...

Taking a look back at the opening week of Blair Oaks football...I guess we got what we bargained for.

It's a good thing that the MSHSAA moved the start of the season back a week to do away with a playoff system that included games on Wednesday and Monday nights...compressing four weeks of games into three weeks. This will especially help small schools with smaller rosters and coaching staffs fight through th epost season grind, helping heal the injured, etc.

But playing varsity games after just two and a half weeks of practice certainly showed. The Falcons were called for 17 penalties...I think at least ten of those were for illegal procedure. Moberly wasn't much better. And the heat was a factor too...there were a lot of tired bodies out there by halftime. I think that manifested itself in the Moberly pass interference penalties.

Ah where to go but up from last's nice to be able to play that way and make enough plays to win.

This week we're headed for Owensville...where the Dutchmen have won one game in the last two seasons. This is a proud program in a very supportive won't be long before thy are back up to their winning ways. Hopefully those winning ways wait a week. They have a lot of experience...and didn't look bad in the jamboree against Moberly. And hey...they have a new turf field at the stadium. What a relief. One year we went over there and lost Mighty Mouse Stockman in the tall grass on a sweep. Looks like Ed and I will be outside for this one...but it looks like we'll be enjoying cooler weather by it may be a blessing.

The state rankings are out...go to the front page of the website and click on the link to check them out. No surprises and no changes for Blair Oaks and California in Class 3.

I was thinking about the old district Blair Oaks used to be a part of...and how South Callaway and Hermann would be the two best teams left over there this season. Be hold the phone. I just checked out the district set up and it's literally all over the map. South Callaway now has teams like Lexington, Holden, and....dum de dum dum...Higginsville. Gulp! Tim Rulo can't be he gets rid of the second best team in the state in his class...and picks up the third or fourth. Thanks MSHSAA. The old Blair Oaks district has been gerrymandered into three pieces. South Callaway, Hallsville and Tolton go west, Montgomery County, North Callaway go east with teams like Van Far, Bowling Green and Clopton-Elsberry...and Hermann has been thrown into a St. Louis - St. Charles district that includes Maplewood Richmond Heights. All of a sudden...things less sure for South Callaway and Hermann.

Thanks for usual...I encourage your comments...

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