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Dick's Arkansas rant

And of course being a typical Missouri fan I will say that Missouri has absolutely no chance against Arkansas because they've "become the first team in history to shut out back-to-back top ten opponents who have obviously quit" or some such nonsense Dari Nowkah was squealing after Arkansas' win over Bad Bo and the Ole Miss Repels...or Rebels. And that Missouri probably shouldn't even show up for the game on Friday because Arkansas "would be a three point road underdog to Florida State right now according to my sources in Las Vegas!" screamed Dari. Sorry you old Sooner P.R. pusher...Arkansas ain't scheduled to play Florida State ...because the Pigglets bowl game is going to be in Shreveport...which is a heck of a long way from Pasadena...because they gave up points by the bushel basket full to teams like Georgia and Auburn and Texas A&M. No, Missouri can't possibly hang with a team coached by the genius of the midwest...the only coach in America who understands how to run the football...the bloviating barrel of laughs on a Baby Hughey body who thinks every team needs to huddle between every play because he worries that his 350 pound Kenworth trucks he calls linemen may break down in a pool of sweat and cheese and beer. Yes...the Hogs are coming and Missouri doesn't stand a chance...just like at Texas A&M and Tennessee. Haters gonna hate...and Mizzou is just gonna play.

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