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Dick's Tennessee rant

Of course...being a typical Missouri fan...I will have to say that our win was tainted by the fact that Tennessee didn't have their best defensive player on the field and the starting center was also hurt. And I also have to say that nobody was off side from Tennessee on the first onside really Missouri didn't win that game fair and square. And the fact that three of the officials were from the state of Tennessee, probably didn't factor in, and that, ooops, Josh Dobbs just got sacked again, and that the only difference between Jalen Hurd and Bambi is that Bambi was fast enough to run away from danger, and that the groundskeeper at Neyland Stadium apparently is the same guy that designed Omaha Beach, and oops...Josh Dobbs just got sacked again...and that I hope the guy in charge of the crane they used to get their fat boys off the field when they laid down after four or five plays gets some special compensation, and oops, there goes Josh again, and the fact the "Turned Down for What" is playing in some version of Hell somewhere, and that the Tennessee offensive line ought to be named "The Josh Dobbs Exit", because they are the quickest way to the quarterback...and oops...there goes Josh Dobbs again.

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