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An apology and explanation about the Moberly webcast

I'm sure a great many of you were looking forward to being able to watch last Friday night's Blair Oaks game in Moberly. We were looking forward to bringing it to you. But the gremlins were upon us...and in the end we had to do what we could to save the webcast without video.

When we are on the road in a situation such as we had last Friday night, we rely on mobile hotspot(s) on our wireless devices. Ed and I are now both equipped with devices that can serve as hotspots, bringing in 4GLTE signals, which according to The Cube, our video streaming partner, should be enough to stream games without interruption.

But the 4GLTE signal in Moberly was a little shaky last Friday night, my computer was acting a little "virusy", and we we running a little late...none of which promises a good strong webcast. Indeed, we had to switch over to our backup streamer...which is U-Stream, and so far, they have only been able to do audio streams of our webcasts.

Whenever we have a problem like we had last Friday night, know that we will do everything we can to bring you the game, with or without video. Know that often I am trying to switch streams and streamers as I broadcast the game. When we switch streams, I will try and link the new stream to the web page. Simply go back to the webpage, click on the link that says "Watch Here" and you will probably be taken either to The Cube, or to my Twitter page, where you will find the link.

Friday night...we will be at home in Wardsville...and knock on wood...we should be good to go from there. I will have a back up video stream going as well as a back up audio only stream. You will be able to find those streams linked on the website, the Twitter page ( and on our Facebook pages. And remember, if you miss any of the game, the full audio will be posted on our Soundcloud site the following morning. Again, links wil be found on our Twitter page and Facebook pages.

My thanks to all of you, especially my sponsors, for your patience. We had more than 200 of you who fought through problems and joined us for at least part of the webcast. The technology we are using is evolving...we are on the cutting edge...and some times we get cut. But we will always bring you Blair Oaks Falcons way or another.

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