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Coaches' All District football team for Class 3

These were just the Blair Oaks and area kids from the Columbia Daily Tribune site.


QB — Jordan Hair, sr., Blair Oaks

WR — C.J. Closser, sr., Blair Oaks

DB — Adam Schell, sr., Blair Oaks

DB — Cody Alexander, jr., Blair Oaks

DL — Owen Luebbering, sr., Blair Oaks

OL — Chance Cumpton, sr., Blair Oaks

LB — Gavin Herst, sr., Blair Oaks

DL — Tanner Lueckenhoff, sr., Blair Oaks

LB — Brendan Brown, jr., Blair Oaks

OL — Kaleb Cox, jr., Blair Oaks

OL — Heath Branch, sr., Blair Oaks

LB — Jordan Weaver, sr., Boonville

OL — Tyler Polk, sr., Boonville

DL — Keandre Anderson, jr., Boonville

TE — Kole Ficken, soph., Boonville

P — Nick Zeitlow, jr., Boonville

RB — Travis Dean, sr., Fulton

DL — Clayton Bristol, sr., Fulton

DL — Alex Garner, sr., Fulton

WR — Radarion Glover, sr., Fulton

DL — Zach Benner, sr., Fulton

WR — Alec Fleetwood, jr., Fulton

OL — Sam Poole, sr., Southern Boone

DL — Jacob Cole, sr., Southern Boone

RB — La’ron Wallace, sr., Southern Boone

DL — Cody Hoefelman, sr., Southern Boone

RB — Tanner Smith, jr., Southern Boone

WR — Colin Vaughan, jr., Southern Boone

P — Gannon Mueller, sr., Southern Boone

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