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Front Row podcasts now housed here

Ed and I did several of these one summer a few years ago...I'm not sure if the links are working at the current time. But if not, I will get them back up in a little while. Thanks for your patience.

Welcome to the Front Row!

Ed and I may be just playing around for now...but give a listen to our new podcasts and see what you think. Click on the link(s) below to listen as we talk to Missouri sports figures, and get a few things off our chests about the world of Mid Missouri sports...and the sports world in general. We would love your comments and suggestions. But for our podcast and just give us a listen. It may take a few weeks to get up to speed but we hope to bring you something unique...a true mid Missouri sports talk show.

Podcast 1 - Missouri Mavericks hockey play-by-play man Bob Rennison

Podcast 2 - Dick and Ed on the world of sports

Podcast 3 - Tony Mullen and more

Podcast 4 - Jim Powers on high school basketball; Dick and Ed on Jhonny's thumb etc

Podcast 5 - Bill Pollock of MissouriNet; Blair Oaks football and baseball season picks!

Podcast 6 - Via KWIX-KRES Radio - New Kirksville Football coach Conrad Schottel

Podcast 7 - Ben Frederickson of the St. Louis Post Dispatch

Podcast 8 - Travis Henke, Blair Oaks baseball coach and former minor league pitcher

Podcast 9 - Dick Aldrich with Helias FB coach Tim Rulo on summer preparations

Podcast 10 - Dick Aldrich with Blair Oaks FB coach Terry Walker on summer preps

Podcast 11- Ben Frederickson2, Cardinals hacking and the Summer Olympics

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